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    Sharon Negrete

    I am confused as to what is the correct way to braille a computer/website that has a number first with letters immediately following. Grade 1 mode is set by the numeric indicator. When going into letters do you need to use the Grade 1 terminator dots 5,6 and dot 3? or just the 5, 6. I have seen it both ways and am not sure what is correct.


    Thank you!!


    In the example above - - a grade 1 symbol indicator is used after the 2 in order to tell the reader that the c is a letter c and not the number 3.  The grade 1 indicator terminates numeric mode but does not terminate grade 1 mode (which is set by the numeric indicator).  In your example, that works because there are no contractions in the web address.

    If you had the website you would want the grade 1 terminator after 2019 so that you can use contractions in the remainder of the web address.  The numeric indicator sets both grade 1 mode and numeric mode; the grade 1 terminator terminates both.

    If you have you would also want the grade 1 terminator.  If you used the grade 1 symbol indicator after 2000, it would tell the reader that the c is not a 3, but it would not terminator grade 1 mode and, as such, the contractions in of and spaghetti could not be used - and you would want to use them.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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