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    Janice L. Carroll

    In the Australian Training Manual the following appears in Lesson 24 page 132:


    The braille example does not use the "th" contraction in kathy. Why?


    Chris Clemens

    In the braille for the web address the number sign required for the number 2 initiates grade one mode, so no contractions follow.


    So If I understand well all before the number is contracted and all after is uncontracted.
    in sh + ing = contracted and the rest of address is uncontracted!
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    The numeric indicator not only initiates numeric mode, it also initiates grade one mode. When grade one mode is initiated by a numeric indicator it is terminated by a space, hyphen, dash, or a grade one terminator (dots 56, 3). In the example under discussion, there is no space, hyphen, or dash after the number. If the grade one terminator is inserted following the number, the ou contraction may be used in yourself. The shortform for yourself can only be used when the word is standing alone.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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