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    I'm having trouble formatting the attached data sets. Are they displayed (3-5 to the narrative text and 5-7 to the itemized) or should I keep them in columns and leave a blank line before and after? If so, what would the indention be? I'm just not seeing a logical way to format ALL the parts of these items. Please help!

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    These kinds of situations are sticky. If you want to do them as displayed you could do as you suggested: 3-5 displayed to narrative text. If you are transcribing displayed to the itemized material the columns would have to start in cell 7 because the itemized subdivisions are 3-5. The columns themselves require a blank line before and after as you stated in your post.
    I want to suggest another format -- which is just a suggestion. If you consider the data to be runover to the material that precedes it, you could start the columns in the cell where the runovers to the material begin. I have attached a document showing both ways. I would welcome comments from readers and experts as to the legitimacy of this interpretation.

    In the simbraille, runover on braille pages 1-2; displayed on braille pages 3-4.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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