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    Chris Clemens

    Hi Jana!

    I have a question about the 'alphabet contractions'. Section 4.2 of the Instruction Manual says “Use these contractions to represent the words for which they stand, regardless of the part of speech involved.”

    But when, in dialect, ‘go’ is substituted for ‘going’ and ‘you’ really means ‘your’ ought these contractions to be used?

    Or is it the same type of situation that 12.5b(3) speaks about when it says “When in dialect you're is written your, do not use the short-form word because it does not retain its original meaning.”

    Thanks so much,

    Chris Clemens


    You would use the contractions to represent the words in print ... it is not up to you to determine what the author is trying to relay ... if it says "go" then you braille the contracted form of go. If it says "you", then use the contraction for you.

    Happy New Year!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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