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    Fred Van Ackeren

    I have a Nemeth book with many displayed items and having trouble locating what I need. I've indicated in parentheses the margins I've applied. My thought was to move 2 places to the right of the indented margin (cell 5), making the displayed 7/9, but can't seem to find examples to show that.
    EXAMPLE 1.

    4 What value of x makes the following statement true? (1/5)

    7-x = -5 (7/9 ?)

    F -12 (3/5)
    G -2
    H -2
    J 12

    EXAMPLE 2.

    54 James found the mean and median of his test scores in math. (1/5)

    83, 87, 87, 92 (7/9 ?)

    If he scores an 80 on his next test, then (5/5, as a continuation of text margin before displayed)

    F his mean score will increase. (3/5)
    G his ...
    H his ....
    J his ....

    Thank you,
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    Lindy Walton

    Hi, Fred. You have correctly applied margins for material displayed in main division/subdivision format. This format is given in §191 "Margins for Non-Spatial Itemized Materials" subsection b (page 195 of the Nemeth Code) which says this: "When non-spatial itemized material contains both main divisions and subdivisions to whatever depth ... i. The main division numbers or letters must begin in cell 1 and the associated material must be run over, if necessary, in cell 5; ii. Subdivision numbers or letters, regardless of depth, must begin in cell 3 and must be run over, if necessary, in cell 5; ... iv. When the special margin requirements for linked expressions do not apply, a displayed expression must begin in cell 7 and must be run over, if necessary, in cell 9.

    Note that --in the braille transcription-- there should be no blank lines.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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