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    In the following two print pages my questions concern the blue typeface statements at the end of the text.
    We want to treat this as displayed material so the question arises as to the format for this.
    On page 6 there is one statement and Rule 9.2.2 and Example 9-3: Displayed Single Sentence it appears that single sentences are to be indented as paragraphs.
    On page 8 there are two single sentence statements. According to my reading of Rule 9.2.2e and Example 9-4: Displayed Multiple Sentences it appears that these are treated as a list in 3-5.
    This seems to be contradictory to keeping formats similar throughout a book.
    I believe that I am simply misinterpreting the rule. Any help will be appreciated.

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    This is a very good question, but I don't see displayed material on these pages. Text that is printed with a font attribute is not necessarily displayed. Please review the fundamentals in displayed material in 9.1.1, especially the print examples that are shown. There are probably formatting decisions that need to be made regarding the font attributes, but that's all I see here. Even though displayed text is often characterized by font attributes, it is NOT true that any text that happens to be printed in a different attribute is automatically considered displayed, because of the attribute.

    If that explanation isn't working for you, please feel free to indicate the text that you feel is displayed and it can be discussed further.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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