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    Chris Clemens

    My student and I are looking for guidance on dividing expressions. If the expression is not displayed, but just embedded in the text, and you know it will take more than 2 lines, can you start it on the same line as the preceding text?

    I am looking at the NBA publication Divide and Conquer and none of the 24 examples speaks to this issue. Example 3 shows an embedded expression, but lo and behold, when you move it down to the next line, the whole thing fits.

    Our question is, what if it would be too long for the second line? Could we start it right after the text on the first line, divide at an appropriate place, and then continue dividing at the end of each subsequent line?

    Or, do we need to begin it on a new line regardless of how many lines it will take?

    I have never seen any guidance on the this point. The NBA publication is very valuable because the Code itself has very little on this subject, but this particular situation is not addressed.

    TIA bt

    Chris Clemens

    Yes you can start an embedded expression on the same line as the text in which it is embedded. As you noted, if bringing it down to the next line will let it all fit on one line, that is what you should do. The priority list for dividing math expressions still applies, so you would still have to move it down if that will make room for that part of the expression that precedes the comparison sign.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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