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    Janice S. Brewer

    The problem came up that a computer address was divided between print pages. It was started at the bottom on one print page and continued on the top of the next print page.  It was a long computer address and went on for several line.  I know we can divide web addresses between lines with a dot 5 but can we divide between pages?  Or should we put the whole address on the same page as it was started like you do with a hyphenated word?  Thank you


    Good day, Janice!

    I think this might actually be a UEB question. Using dot 5 at the end of a braille line as a continuation indicator is indeed a UEB rule.

    Nonetheless, to answer your question, I see no reason (in the Rules of UEB, in the UEB Guidelines for Technical Material, nor in Braille Formats)  not to follow print. I would insert a dot 5 at the end of the last line on the first print page, and continue that web address on the line after the page change indicator, just as it is in print.

    If you need further enforcement for this decision, you might repost your question in the Braille Formats forum of Ask an Expert.

    Have a most excellent Thursday!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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