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    I know this is a Nemeth forum but I don't know who else to ask. I am transcribing a math book in UEB. Most all of the exercises are spatial. I understand that since UEB has not written format rules that I should be using the format rules used for Nemeth. That being said I am at a loss at what to do for division. The way UEB presents long division is almost tactile. Nemeth only used one symbol for long division.

    Rule: Section 185

    ii. The identifier must be placed on the line which contains the dividend in a division arrangement

    Well I know it is different for UEB and I wonder if it is hard for the student to locate the problem when it starts below the identifier.

    All of the rules are very vague and this is the first time I have transcribed a complete book in Math UEB. I have only used Nemeth . I am attaching a sample of the way I think these problems should be placed on the page. Could you take a look at it to see if I should proceed?

    Thank you,

    I am also watching the webinar A Summary for Spatial problems in Nemeth Code to see if that will help.

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    You're not the only one concerned about formatting for math transcriptions using only UEB.

    The Guidelines for Technical Material give some formatting guidelines. These include:

    • The line above and below spatial calculations should either be blank, or should only contain the numeric passage indicator or terminator.
    • Where horizontal lines are needed within children's sums, horizontal line mode should be used.
    • The layout of the calculation can follow print, though feedback from teachers working with students should also be taken into account.

    I have found helpful the examples in Braille Course 1.3 U​EB Technical​, from CN​IB​ (available in P​​DF​ and BRF).

    I see what you mean about the identifier seeming to be distant from the spatial problem itself. If you have a series of division problems all within one numeric passage, you might consider using the format exemplified in the CNIB course mentioned above for items 4-7 on page 8 (numeric indicators for identifiers even within a numeric passage). That would be different from what's in your example and more like Nemeth Code formatting.

    In other words, Can you point to a rule that prohibits putting the item identifier on the same line as the line which contains the dividend in a division arrangement? If not, then I would do it (making sure to use a numeric indicator with each identifier) with the goal of making the transcription less cumbersome for the reader.



    Thank you for your help and I will look at the course from CNIB.


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