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    Susan Baker

    Good afternoon,

    Please look at the attachment showing a double number line.  Can you recommend how you would transcribe this?  If your recommendation is to follow the print layout, would it be necessary to place a numeric indicator on the numbers above the top portion? I am looking at Guideline but wasn't sure if this applied to double number lines.  I am concerned that if I need to put a numeric indicator preceding each number on the top, I may have to divide the number line to allow it to fit.

    Thank you.


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    Donald Winiecki

    I don’t have access to the handbook at present, but I wonder if it is allowable to use the DOT LOCATOR FOR USE and numeric passage indicator and terminator on the lines preceding and following this double number line?

    This would alleviate need for individual numeric indicators at each digit, and save space on each line.

    Doing this would end up saving space overall by avoiding run overs. The result might even be easier to decode.


    Hi Susan, thank for writing in and sending in this example. The TG Committee has come to an agreement that this image would be best represented as a tooled (spurred) tactile graphic instead of with braille cells. Furthermore, we would also advise using numeric indicators above and below the number line. Hope this helps.


    Susan Baker

    Thank you, I should have mentioned that I am doing this in Nemeth embedded in UEB code.  I will use the Tiger software for the drawn lines, and will use the NI above and below the number lines.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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