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    Two questions about early ed materials:

    1) Wondering about the distinction between an educational book with a narrative versus a storybook (i.e. when to follow section 11 guidelines in the Early Ed guidebook).  Any advice on that?

    2) Since transcriber's notes are listed in the teacher's reference materials by print page, what about TNs without a print page?  For example, if there is a TN within back cover material?

    1. Storybooks are short stories within a text that have panels. They are intended to be cut out and put together into a small story for young readers...they usually cover 2-6 print pages and are on the front and back side of the page...the panels are numbered to show in which order they are read. If you ever have one in a book, you will know immediately what it is. Anything else is "narrative" text.
    2. Use braille pages for things that have no print pages - in our example, it would be listed as "braille page p_".


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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