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    Lindy Walton

    Scenario 1: You have a 200-page book and realize the page numbering is off by one number, starting at print page 6! You need to insert page number 7 and then all further pages must change to be 8-to-201.

    Using Braille2000, I can insert the missing print page number, and the file will self-correct all further print page numbers. This is achieved by choosing "correct all" in the dialog box that appears when you insert a page change indicator between two consecutive numbers that are already in the file.

    **Does anyone know how to get B2K to SUBTRACT print page numbers? The second scenario is that you realize that there should *not be a page change indicator at page 6. In other words, pci 7 should be 6, pci 8 should be 7, etc. Is there an automatic way to have page numbers 7-to-200 change to be 6-to-199?

    Thank you.
    Lindy Walton

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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