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    I am formatting an English lit book with diacritics in the vocabulary words. I was using the list of modifiers in Section 4.2 on page 42 of the Rules For English Braille book. However, Duxbury was not recognizing the eng and schwa and I was told to use IPA symbols for these letters. In the example on page 47 section 4.4 of the rules for UEB it says to follow print for transcription of these symbols. Rule 4.4.2 states to use IPA symbols in phonetic material but if you look at the example, meningococcus, shown in the book it shows the schwa two different ways. Also are words under study in parentheses with diacritics to be shown in grade 1 without contractions?


    You should use the modifiers in Section 4 of UEB for diacritic markings...and the UEB symbols for the eng and schwa shown in 4.4.  IPA symbols are only used when other IPA marking are shown (see section 14 of UEB)...not for 'regular' diacritics.

    UEB states that contractions may be used in syllabized words or words with pronunciations (diacritics).  Formats states that only those items used in spelling lists or in spelling activities would be uncontracted.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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