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    Christine Mulse

    Hi, I apologize if this has been asked, but I searched and couldn't find it. I have a math textbook that has the equal sign with a dot over it, meaning approximately equal to. I can't find this symbol anywhere in any of the UEB materials, only the equal with a dot above AND below. I believe we had decided in the past to braille it as "dot over previous item", meaning the equal sign would be followed by dots (45)(256)...but it's come up again and I'd like to get clarification on it if possible.




    Thank you for your question, Christine!

    I agree that the equal sign with a dot over it should be brailled just like the description says, using "dot over previous item." So, your equal sign with a dot over it (in your book meaning "approximately equal to") should be transcribed as you describe (also shown below).


    If you can, will you please share in what UEB resource you found a transcription of the equal with a dot above and below and what that transcription was?

    Thank you!

    Christine Mulse

    Thanks for the clarification that I did that correctly, the print symbol has been in a couple books we've previously done at APSEA, and it just came up again. I looked everywhere and couldn't find an example in braille, so I just made an educated guess. Perhaps it could be added?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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