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    My team and I are in a discussion on whether to open Nemeth before the list of keyed mathematical expression and close Nemeth at the end of the list of key or whether to open and close the Nemeth switches around each individual math expression and exclude the key from Nemeth. Thank You


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    Lindy Walton

    A key can be transcribed in either code -- UEB or Nemeth. In your sample, every item being keyed is Nemeth, so I would suggest that you open Nemeth after "below:" and terminate Nemeth right before the closing TN indicator.

    In Nemeth, an alphabetic key consists of two or three lower-case English letters. [NC 26.9.3] Single-letter keys are not mentioned in the Nemeth code. You could use a numeric key (with upper-cell numerals).


    Keys read the same in either code (upper-cell numbers for a numeric key; no contractions for an alphabetic key of two or three letters). You do not need to insert an opening Nemeth Code indicator before the graphic.

    - Lindy



    Lindy Walton

    It has come to my attention that using a single letter in a key causes conflicts with the rules of our codes. I would like to suggest that you use a numeric key for this particular item. Upper-cell numbers are used for keys constructed in Nemeth and will work well in this case.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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