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    Dan Gergen

    I've been working on a textbook, using the BANA 2015 Template in MS Word 2007 with Swift 4.0. I have been able to learn as I go and I believe I've been able to figure it all out. I completed the first volume and managed to utilize most of the codes and Swift's menus.

    When I translate to braille in DBT, I am getting a blank page before pages p1 and also main body page 1. My t-pages end at t3 and my p-pages end at p3. So DBT is adding an even-numbered page. It was suggested to me that my DBT is set up for interpoint. However, all my main body pages contain no blanks and all have even-numbered braille pages. I am only getting a blank page at t4 and p4 (along with the refpage continuation number in contents.)

    I went through global embosser settings and for all embossers listed, "interpoint"was unchecked. (If DBT is treating my front pages as interpoint, there should not be any page numbers on the even pages.)

    I noticed while studying the material from the Duxbury workshop from the 2014 NBA Fall Conference, section E contains braille examples and on page 6 of section E, there it is! ... a blank page t4 —just like mine. Am I missing something?

    Everything else in the Swift-BANA 2015-DBT process seems to be going well.)

    Janice L. Carroll

    The Swift BANA 2015 template page setup codes are indeed for interpoint.  I am attaching a copy of my quick page setup guide that you solve your problem.

    Janice L. Carroll

    Well my files is too large to upload on Ask An Expert.  If you email me at januslou@gmail.com I will share the PDF with you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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