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    Robert Dietrich

    Hello Kathleen:

    I do in fact have some follow-up questions on this music theory exam.


    First, in terms of formatting, should I format the title page and the remainder of T- and P-Pages as an ordinary music braille title page, or should I format it some other way, for instance omitting the Transcriber's Notes Page altogether, or combining it with the Special Symbols Page and putting it at the end of the work?

    Second, Is this what you meant in your previous response about my inquiry about Question 5 (see attachment below)?

    Third, Is this the proper way to represent Question 8 (see attachment below)?

    Fourth, on question 9, How would you suggest I represent the superscript and subscript numbers attached to the chords?

    Fifth, on question 10, Should I represent the triads using their ordinary interval symbols, and thus run the risk of giving the student at least part of the answer, or should I simply represent the chord as 5th octave F#DA in sequence, so as to avoid giving the answer.

    And sixth, on question 12, how should I label the chords (above the music line, or below with guide dots to lead to the actual music)?


    I have not encountered figured bass before so I am not sure how to braille those questions.


    I have the questions transcribed already that are not included with this file, but I ran out of attachment space. Sorry.

    Please refer to the original email for the complete written exam.


    Thank you again,


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    I would format the title and prelim pages like a textbook. Include special symbols and transcriber's notes as appropriate.

    Question 5 looks fine in your transcription.

    Question 8 I would do as a list. Put the whole note in music braille, terminate music braille code and give the interval direction after.

    #H4 ,COMPLETE EACH 444
    ,'<"& ;2,P#E UP
    ,'.Y ;2M#G D[N
    ,'"( ;2D#D UP

    Question 9 - use music code to indicate the chord inversions

    ;G M9OR ,'#46
    ;,E ,MAJOR ,'#36

    Question 10 - Transcribe the chords as they appear, reading intervals upward. The answers won't be given away.

    Question 12 - as above, I'd do these as a list, not as measures across the page.

    ,'_&+90 ;2;C% DIMINISHED ,'#56


    I don't see in the exam where you have to actually braille figured bass. But refer to section 30 in the MBC2015 to revisit how you do the figured bass. (In analysis situations like this, use the vertical format instead of the horizontal format.)


    (The simbraille in my response did not retain the indention pattern for question 8. Indent as would be appropriate!)

    And I see the simbraille didn't take for my response to question 9. Sorry!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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