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    I am working on teacher materials for second grade that includes a short play. The character names are not in all caps but they bolded and include a colon at the end of the character's name. (i.e., Narrator:) There is some disagreement between some of the Transcribers and proofreaders on the retention of the bold Typeform on the character names.

    There are two schools of thought, 1 group believes that the colon is enough to distinguish the character names and that the bold Typeform is not necessary especially since the project is for a second-grade student and the ELM specifies in 5.1.4a Font attributes may be shown, but still kept to a minimum.

    The second group believes that the bold typeform must be retained because Formats 14.1.3 states "Retain font attributes on speaker, character, and abbreviated names.", and 14.2.1c "Retain font attributes on speaker names; omit font attributes on speak identifications."

    Is a colon sufficient to distinguish the character names or are font attributes required whether there is punctuation that distinguishes character names from the dialogue?

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    Section 14.1 would be the rule to follow and so emphasis should be retained.

    If you feel very strongly about leaving off the bold because this is for a young reader, put a TN before the play (or on the TN page) that speaker names are bold in print but not in braille.



    Thank you for helping us bring some clarity.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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