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    I have endnotes that need to be changed to footnotes but I am unsure how to handle the formatting because there are no reference markers. In the endnotes they are listed by chapter with the first few words of the quote and then the source of the quote. Do I keep that kind of formatting or should I change to using superscript numbers in place of the beginning quote?

    Here's the text example:
    "it made an impression on photographic plates through black paper,” the Curies' daughter later wrote, “[I]t corroded and, little by little, reduced to powder the paper or the cotton wool in which it was wrapped... What could it not do?”
    The corresponding note is:
    "it made an” Eve Curie, Madame Curie: A Biography, translated by Vincent Sheean (Da Capo Press, 2001).

    Also instead of having all of the footnotes at the end of the print page, I should put them at the end of the braille page that the reference occurs on correct?


    If you are inserting endnotes into the text as reference notes, you should follow the rules for reference notes.  Treat them as unmarked notes (see BF 16.4).  Insert a transcriber's note within the text following the material to which the note applies.  Place the notes at the end of the print page (using a note separation line as detailed in BF 16.5).  Use margins 1-3 for the notes.   Be sure to put a transcriber's note on the TN page stating that you are moving the notes.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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