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    Cheri A. Wales

    Hello.  I have a sheet of these groups of exercise with multiple answers shared between them that I'm putting into UEB with Nemeth (the image below is the first section of the page).  The triangles aren't a problem but I don't know what to do with the exercises and options.  I'm not sure what to do even after looking through both the exercises and puzzles sections of Formatting 2016.  The letters before each option are part of a puzzle (the letters get put into a row of boxes at the end to form the answer to a riddle.) How do I format this?   Repeat the options with each exercise? Keep them grouped together? What do I use to deal with the fact the letters are in circles and I don't want what I type up to look like an equation (e.g. T = 12/13)? Thank you.

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    Lindy Walton

    Don't you just love puzzles? If I understand this right, the four answer choices (T A L E) are shared among the three questions (1 2 3). I expect the instructions come first and perhaps apply to several problems in the riddle puzzle?

    Braille Formats Section 10 gives guidelines for exercise material. I'm sure you've read them. I think you need to be creative with your worksheet.

    I would draw the triangle first, followed by the four shared answer choices (listed in cell 3), then the three questions (listed in cell 1). Keep it all together on the same page. Disregard the circles around the letters and numbers.

    I'll sketch it out, below. (You will use the horizontal-fraction-line fraction style shown in your image.)

    (switch to Nemeth)
    -----------blank line
    -----------blank line
    T 12/13
    A 5/13
    L 13/5
    E 5/12
    -----------blank line
    1 sin A
    2 cos A
    3 tan A
    -----------blank line

    If your layout doesn't seem clear to the reader, compose a short transcriber's note. Something like "Four lettered answer choices are given before each set of numbered questions."

    Another idea is to insert "Answer Choices" as a transcriber's note before each list of answer choices and "Questions" before each list of questions. The TNs in cell 5 (like a cell-5 heading) and each list in cell 1. This would require a lot of code switching, however, since the TNs must be in UEB.

    You might like to run your question by the Braille Formats forum and see what other folks suggest.

    Thanks for your puzzling question.


    Cheri A. Wales



    I agree with Lindy completely!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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