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    Cheri A. Wales

    Hello.  I'm trying to correctly format a reading test and I'm stuck on a few points I can't find in Formats 2016.  The test consists of several passages set up like this [I'm making up this example (pulling from my undergrad days), not using the actual text]:


    Passage 1: This passage comes from John Doe's diary when he wrote and the problem of an invasive species he learned about in college.


    Tonight I have spent much time pondering the problem of an invasive species.  Why a subject covered in my undergraduate days comes to mind today, I'm not sure.  As I can't sleep, might as well ponder something.  I do wonder if Australia is still having an issue with the cane toads that had been brought in to eat the boll weevils* and did nothing of the kind. Hmm.

    *a bug that used to attack cotton plants


    1. The fictitious author uses the term "invasive species" to refer to

    a.  insomnia

    b.  cane toads

    c. boll weevils


    My questions:

    1. How do I format the Passage number and accompanying sentence?  Make it a heading? Something else?
    2. How do I format the reading itself as this is a test?  Are these selections Displayed Paragraphs (Formats 10.7)?
    3. Each passage has at least 1 note that starts with an asterisk after each passage and then the questions for that passage. Formats 2016 section 16.5.1 says notes go at the bottom of the page.  In this situation do I leave the notes between the reading and the questions or put them at the bottom of the page even if that places it under part of the next passage?  Right now I have the reading separation line, notes, blank line, exercise questions.

    Thank you



    There are no specific rules about this.  My suggestion would be to treat the Passage and accompanying sentence as paragraphs and the numbered/lettered questions as exercise material (1-5, 3-5).

    According to Formats, the notes do go at the end of the page (as you noted). You may want to check with the test producer or the person asking for the test to be brailled as to where they might want the footnotes.




    Cheri A. Wales

    Thank you Cindi! I appreciate it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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