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    I'm not certain how to transcribe the attached portion of a form. My plan is to have the items in list format. For those with fillable lines above, I will place the UEB underscore symbol after the label like this:

    Legal Name of Head of Household _

    Address _

    City, State, and Zip Code _

    For the entries with boxes, should I place the same number of UEB symbols for "square" with hyphens appropriately place following each entry as with the underscore symbols above? (Seems cumbersome, but follows print.)

    Also, which would be best for the following, an extra space between each part of the line item:

    Disabled    Yes "square"    No "square"



    (indent) Yes "square"

    (indent) No "square"


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    I agree with what you suggest for the first part of the form (follow the text with the underscore).

    Do the form as  nested list...1-5, 3-5.  That allows for Disabled to be at the margin and Yes/No to begin in cell 3.

    As for the squares...I suggest that you use a full cell to represent each square and put a TN before the beginning of the form to let the reader know about the change to print.  The UEB square symbols WOULD follow print, but, as you said, would be very cumbersome to read.



    Sounds like a reasonable plan. Thanks for the quick response!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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