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    I have come across some sentences in a novel where the speaker repeats a person's middle initial multiple times:

    "Raymond K. K. K. K. K. K. Hesse, I was talking to you."
    "... Ray-mond K. K. K. Hessel, tonight."

    To save space for the longer passage, would it be correct to use the grade 1 passage indicator and capitals passage indicator and terminators as follows:

    <span class="simbraille">,raymond ;;;,,,k4 k4 k4 k4 k4 k4,';' ,hessel1 ,i 0 talk+ to y4</span>

    BUT use grade 1 symbol indicator and cap sign for each letter for the second sentence:

    <span class="simbraille">,ray-mond ;,k4 ;,k4 ;,k4 ,hessel1 tn4</span>



    As a follow-up question, when it would save space to use one or the other passage indicator but not both, is there a preference? For example:

    "Is that what you've always wanted to be, Dr. Raymond K. K. K. K. Hessel, a veterinarian?"

    ,dr4 ,raymond ;,,,k4 ;k4 ;k4 ;k4,' OR
    ,dr4 ,raymond ;;;,k4 ,k4 ,k4 ,k4;'

    Thanks again,


    Yes, what you have done in the first question above is correct.

    In your second question, the preferred method is whatever would maintain it's "most usual form".  In this case, I would use the grade 1, cap, k, period (4 times) which is 16 cells (not counting spaces).  The first example you have above is 17 cells and the second is 17 the way initials are usually done takes less space and is more like what a reader would be used to seeing.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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