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    Jeromy Collins

    This is my first time doing an “Ask the Expert” question. I am not sure if I can ask to see if I handled the project I am working on correctly.

    Without "Promising Practices for Transcription for Kindergarten" and just using Formats 2016 and what the requesting agency wants I don't know if that is enough or if I should do more. I have included a pdf copy of the book and pdf copies of the transcription in print and braille. The book is only 8 pages and the transcription only 10 pages with t and p pages. The agency had requested it to be in UEB, uncontracted, double-spaced and single-sided, they also do there title page centered. I have 14 of these little books to do.

    I need an expert to please look at the book I am transcribing. I believe I have followed Formats 2016 to the letter, but I feel something is lacking. Any guidance you can give me would be appreciated.
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    While there are some things I might do differently, overall what I see looks good.  Here are a few things I would like to point out:

    1. The matter from the front of the book should begin on a new braille page (each type of preliminary material should begin on a new braille page).  The page change indicators (rows of 36) would then not be necessary.
    2. I would suggest that the material from the inside back cover be placed at the back of the book.  The information makes no sense if the book has not yet been read.  You could treat it as implied print page 9 rather than as cover information.
    3. On print pages 1-2, the repeated title and author information is not necessary in my opinion.  That information is on the title page (and included in the full title on this braille page).  Even if the author information is included, you do not have to repeat the title (my opinion).
    4. Without explaining the pictures, the point of this story does not come across.  Simple picture descriptions would help:  on page 2 you could say "Picture: the mouse shares a doll" on page 3, "Picture: the monkey shares a toy car" and so on.

    Hope this helps!  Let me know if you have other questions.


    Jeromy Collins

    Thank you for your help. I wanted to put the inside back cover material after the store but did not think I would sense it is not a numbered page like the story and that it is cover material.

    As for the pictures I also wanted to explain them but I did not want to make it harder for the student when he is just learning words.
    I will make the changes you suggested. I just needed the confirmation to believe if I did make those changes I would be doing fine for the student and what is within the guide lines.
    Thank you for your help and time.
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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