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    Many moons ago you gave a TG workshop in which you described how to make a grid for a graph, using the Table function in Word. I have been using that technique for years, but recently my Tiger makes the grid too "heavy," and there is not enough contrast between the grid (in the background) and the data curve, etc. I have set the grid line to 1/4 point, in light gray, and the Line Intensity in the Tiger menu to zero, but the line is still not light enough. Is there a special setting on the Tiger that I may have lost?


    Hi Linda,

    Since I believe you are talking about a workshop which I gave, I will respond to your question (rather than Rebecca).  I don't have any answers to the problem you are having, but do have a few additional questions.  It sounds as though you are using the same Tiger embosser as when it previously worked, so are you perhaps using a new version of Word?  Or perhaps using a different version of Windows?  I no longer have access to the Tiger embosser I was using at work, so cannot check any settings.  If you could also state what type of Tiger embosser you are using, perhaps someone else could "chime in" with some advise.  Have you contacted ViewPlus to see if they can offer any advice?  Please post additional information, and we'll see if someone can help.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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