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    A friend and I are disagreeing on when to use guide dots (dot 5) in table entries.

    I have been going by Braille Formats 2011 which states:

    "11.6.1f. Two or more guide dots " (5) lead the reader from one column to the next, and are inserted to fill out the width of a column with shorter entries. One space separates the end of the entry and the beginning of guide dots."

    Because I could not find anything in Nemeth Code regarding guide dots, I went to Braille Formats for the answer.

    She, however says that Braille Formats changed from 3+ to 2+ guide dots, but that there has been no such change to Nemeth and therefore we should still be using 3+ guide dots.

    Please help us clarify.


    The Nemeth Code refers transcribers to Braille Formats for the construction of tables. Nemeth doesn't discuss guide dots at all. The change to a minimum of 2 guides dots applies to tables in Nemeth transcriptions also. Dorothy

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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