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    Susan Baker

    I am confused as to whether I should be using the ELI with headings in graphs. The confusing part for me might be whether they are categorized as "labels" or if they are something else, and also, if they are diagrams or tables. If you look at the two attachments, where I have arrows, the first one has letters of the week that are abbreviations used as column headings (placed at the bottom of the graph). The second graph has a similar placement and purpose, but are letter points labeled A, B, etc. Nemeth rule IV section 29 says not to use the ELI if it is a label in a diagram, but I am not sure if either of these fit that criteria, since they don't appear to be "in" the diagram--more outside of it as headings. Section 30 says for tables, whether as entries or headings, use them or not use them as dictated by the other rules in sections 26-28. Thank you for helping to clarify this for me!

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    Lindy Walton

    Hi Susan. Graphs are diagrams, not tables, even though the narrative calls it a table.

    In the first graph, as you said, M T W Th F are abbreviations. Use the ELI for M T W F; don't contract Th.

    In the second graph (trail points), although the points would use no ELI in the actual drawing (not shown), they are single letters here (as axis labels) just as they would be in narrative. Use an ELI for each letter.

    Note that if either graph showed labels next to the actual *points within the graph grid, that would qualify as a labeled diagram and you would not use an ELI for those capital single letters.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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