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    I am doing several college-level medical articles that contain about 75-100 “chemistry-like” graphics. I am doing the work in the USA for a California college. It is being done in Nemeth code under the rules of EBAE. I produce tactiles in Word to be embossed on a Tiger. I am wondering how I should “present” these graphics. I think there is too much distinction needed for me to do them on a Tiger. I am attaching two pages to show what the graphics look like. I’d like to know how they should be “presented” as tactile graphics if they were produced.

    Thanks In Advance

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    Hi there, thank you for writing NBA. Your question is currently under review, so we will provide feedback shortly. Thanks!



    Hi BrailleDude, the TG Committee and Lindy Walton, braille transcriber and BANA Chemistry Braille Committee advisor, have finished reviewing the images you provided. As a result, the TG committee found some these images to be too complex to be represented in either collage or Tiger embossed tactile graphics. Furthermore, Lyndy is quoted as saying, “These figures are so detailed and complex with colors and gradations of shading, I have doubts that tactile graphics would be effective. The tables, line graphs, and histogram are easily reproduced using standard methods but the strep tags and protein patterns seem too complex to render as a tactile graphic. I don’t know if this can be recommended at the college level, but I would think a verbal description from a classmate or TA or prof would be much more useful to the student than a tg.”

    Once again, thank you for contacting NBA in regards to your tactile graphic needs.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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