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    Good eveining,

    I am transcribing a two page document that has numerous websites. Following the rules of UEB I am using a continuation indicator (dot 5) to divide the long websites between lines.

    This document is brailled using a 30-cell line since it is 8.5x 11 inch paper. That being said, I have no choice but to divide between letters since the website address has a string of over 30 letters without a slash, period, or other logical breaking point.

    Is there a specific guidline or rule that applies in these situations?


    Belated greetings, Shawn:

    I do not know of any specific guideline or rule that applies to breaking a long "nonsense" string of letters that is unspaced.

    I suspect you already know that 14.7 of the Instruction Manual for Braille Transcribing – UEB Edition, 2015 says, " Make the division at a logical break and at a point that is not between two letters or between two digits." I acknowledge that isn't helpful in the case you describe.

    First, I would double-check for any punctuation or words and endeavor to break between words or after any punctuation.

    After checking that, if you still have to force a braille line break in a string of letters that is unspaced, I would endeavor to make the line break where it does not interrupt any contractions.

    The braille user is lucky to have someone who is working hard to make even the messy web addresses be as reader-friendly as they can be.

    Braille on!


    [In a perfect world, I think these long web addresses would be digital so that the user could simply click them without having to wade through their coding/navigation components. ... If we were feeling like going way above and beyond to create accommodations, we could conceivably use or another service to create a shortcut for these web addresses and share that shortcut in a transcriber's note.]

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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