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    Chris Clemens

    In the Nemeth course errata, there are instances in which the student is directed to move expressions to the right (indent) to show that the expressions are displayed.

    The Nemeth Code (Sec. 188a.) states that an expression is displayed if it is “set apart from the body of the text by skipped lines, indentation, or some other means.”

    In the following example, the distance formula would have fit on the previous line, but the author placed the equation on its own line. Would this be considered “set apart” although it is not indented?


    Draw a line segment between the two points on the coordinate grid: (-5,9) and (-9,-6).
    To find the distance between two points, use
    d=√((x_(2 )-x_1 )^2+〖(y_(2 )-y_1)〗^2 ).

    Chris Clemens

    Apologies for the multiple posts. I wanted to attach the Word document to ensure the transcriber's question came through exactly as he asked it since copying and pasting may have displaced some of his text and formatting.

    Marie Amerson

    Lindy Walton

    Thank you for sending the file--it always helps if we can see the example in its original form. This is not a published file, but rather a Word document with a mathematical expression inserted in the text that, yes, could have fit on the line above. I see this as an embedded expression as it is not set off by different margins or blank lines. Brailling it as an embedded expression makes sense.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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