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    Chris Clemens

    Hi Larry,
    The very useful repeat of short passages in unmeasured music (MBC 16.15) is very useful, so I'm wondering how flexible the word "unmeasured" is. I'd like to use it in a 3/4 measure that consists of one eighth note plus a group of 22 small-print 8th notes that basically form a triple-octave scale (4 octaves later in the piece). I would use the small-note indicators in this measure regardless. Would you consider this legit?

    Chris Clemens

    Hi, Dan,

    Since the eighth-note is measured and there is no indication, such as the dotted bar line in Example 16.15-1, that the meter is suspended, I think you need to be very explicit in the braille. I think (without seeing the print) that I would use a measure-division sign after the eighth, and then show dot-5 rests for the remainder of the measure and a part-measure in-accord containing the small notes. In that case, the fragment-repetition device would be quite appropriate.

    That's my opinion. I would welcome hearing from others.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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