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    Kimberly Martin

    In this example below there are two displayed poetry excerpts. This is the only poetry in the book. One is in foreign language the other is the translation in English. Would the emphasis need to be retained on the foreign portion??? if so what rule can back this against the display rule?


    Having muttered his sotto voce verses, he would slowly resume his glaring, misanthropic stance until another tourist tossed him a coin.


              E io, quando 'l suo braccio a me distese,

              ficcai li occhi per lo cotto aspetto,

              sì che 'l viso abbrusciato non difese

              la conoscenza sua al mio 'ntelletto;

           e chinando la mano a la sua faccia,

             rispuosi: “Siete voi qui, ser Brunetto?”


    Soon as he touched me, I could no more avert

    Mine eyes, but on his visage scorched and sered

    Fixed them, until beneath the mask of hurt

    Did the remembered lineaments appear.

    And to his face my hand inclining down,

    I answered, “Ser Brunetto, are you here?”

    Same scornful look. Same rictus. The crowd dispersed. No one seemed to recognize the passage from the Fifteenth Canto of the Inferno where Dante meets his former teacher, Brunetto Latini.


    The displayed rule you are speaking about is in BF 9.2.3b which says to "Omit font attributes when the entire section of displayed material is emphasized."

    The issue here is being able to distinguish between the foreign language and the English versions.  The blank lines before and after the displayed material takes care of the emphasis is not required.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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