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    Chris Clemens

    I am just getting back into nemeth transcribing and have a question regarding underlining.

    Write the place of each underlined digit. Then write its value.
    1. 4,559 (the 4 is underlined in print)
    2. 55,303 (the first three after the comma is underlined in print)

    In this case, would I use italics for the underlined number and then repeat the number indicator, just as we do when the number is italicized?
    The only other option I see to use is the 5 step rule, but nothing is being modified here, is it? I am not a mathmatician!

    Thanks for your help.

    Chris Clemens

    I just looked in the old forum and found a couple of posts that addressed this issue. I see that the 5-step method is the correct way to handle underlined numbers, according to the code.

    Chris Clemens

    What is the 5-step method?

    Chris Clemens

    I am referring to the Five-Step Rule for Transcribing Modified Expressions. You can find it in the "Nemeth Braille Code For Mathematics". Rule XIV (p. 99). I also like to refer the the lesson book "An Introduction to Braille Mathematics". Lesson 11 (p. 187) expains it very clearly and has some good examples.


    Good work! Our best friend and constant companion when transcribing should be our code books. I love it when people dig a little deeper and find solutions for their questions! The Five-Step Rule is indeed the direction in which I would have pointed you.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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