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    Chris Clemens

    Hi Larry,

    The attached example shows a typical print marking: a new dynamic and hairpin between tied RH notes. Is there any reason that these dynamics cannot be brailled between the reminder tie and the F sharp? I have been told that we must apply the rule for rests to ties, (in LH, then also in RH), but double-marking is cumbersome and delaying the markings in the RH is inaccurate in a measure like this. Neither the pp nor the > take effect only at the 2nd beat; the hands must remain balanced.

    I realize that if this were pp< or it began a new louder dynamic the RH cannot actually increase during a sustained note (except the organ swell or amplified keyboard), and this is the logic behind the argument against marking these changes where print has them. But surely braille readers can figure out what the actual marking means as well as print readers can?


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    Chris Clemens

    We agree; there is such a thing as being too literal. I'd braille the pp and hairpin in the RH as if the tie were not there. Because of the reminder tie, though, the dynamics cannot be excluded from the alignment.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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