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    Chris Clemens

    Under the tactile graphic guidelines for transcribing keys in the Nemeth Code [5.8.2], it states that “short-form contractions that consist of 2 English letters may be used as a key” []. Then it states an exception that Nemeth Code prohibits the use of short-form contractions as keys.
    Does guideline (which deals with Nemeth keys) suggest that on GRAPHICS the short-form restriction from the Nemeth Code [NC Rule 25, sec 187.c] does not apply? Or is this an accidental contradiction?
    Our program thanks you for all of the great answers, examples, and rule clarifications that you have provided. Your guidance has been instrumental in assisting us toward our goal of fully and correctly applying the 2010 guidelines.


    Dear Georgia Braille...

    Well thank you for the words of I'm feeling very negligent in my duties in that it has taken me 2 months to reply to your email! I'm checking with Betty Marshall (NBA Nemeth Committee chair) an a co-author of the BANA TG Guidelines. I'll get an answer to you ASAP! Diane


    Dear Georgia Braille,

    I sent your inquiry to Betty Marshall and received the following responses:
    - The revision to NC Section 187. Keying Technique, c. "...Contractions and letter combinations that correspond to short form words may not be used. ..." is from the March 1, 2011 BANA Nemeth Update.
    - The TG Guidelines, approved in November 2010, section states, "Some short form words that consist of two English letters may be used in a key. Even though the contraction for the word "letter" is "lr", it may still be used, since it is made up of two separate letters. The only short form contractions that can be used are: al, bl, fr, hm, xs, xf, lr, ll, pd, qk, sd, td, tm, tn, wd, yr. This is because this list is all made up of 2 English letters. Other short form contractions have contractions within them – for example, children is a short form word, but it contains a contraction chn not just 2 English letters.

    The TG Guidelines were approved in 2010 and the Nemeth update was adopted in March 1, 2011. I will forward information about this situation to the BANA Nemeth Committee and BANA TG Committee chairs and ask them discuss.

    Very impressive that your group pointed this out!!! Diane


    Update--after confurring with Dorothy Worthington (BANA Nemeth Committee chair) and members of the BANA TG Committee, we are saying that the TG Guidelines will support the Nemeth Committee recommendation to NOT allow the use of short form contractions in keys for Nemeth material...regardless of whether the information is text or graphics. The TG Guideline document will be updated to reflect the change.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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