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    Chris Clemens

    I need help working through the format for Labeled Statements. I have not had occasion to deal with them for years and now I see some big questions in the Code. When the Code tells us to use double caps for the label (Postulate, Theorem, etc.) I can't tell if if means ALWAYS do this, or only when the body of the statement is shown in non-regular type.

    Also, the format directives are a bit lacking. If the labeled statement, such as Theorem, begins a formal proof, we have to skip a line before it and after the end of the proof. But if it is just a a Postulate, do we skip above and below?

    And furthermore, what if the text doesn't say only Postulate? What if is says Side-Angle-Side Postulate?

    Dorothy - I know you will help me walk through this. TIA bt

    Chris Clemens

    The label of a labeled statement is the identifying word. It must be fully capitalized in braille regardless of the print style used. It doesn't matter if the following text is in regular or non-regular type.

    Even though it is not specified in the Code, it is recommended that a labeled statement follow the format for formal proofs. A labeled statement would thus be preceded and followed by a blank line. If there are two Postulates in a row in print, there would be a blank line between them.

    Rule V §33 gives examples of labels used in labeled statements, including "postulate". But if the label of the statement is expanded, it is still the label. You would follow the same guidelines as for that of a one word label.

    Does that help? Let me know if I've been too vague. Dorothy

    Chris Clemens

    Thanks Dorothy. Your reply, as always, was complete. And I remembered everything correctly from years ago. However, I do feel that section 33a is poorly written and should be clarified. New examples should also be written. As it is at present it reads "When the ink-print text ... show(s) labeled statements ... in NON-REGULAR type form, the body ... etc. etc ... but the labels themselves must be transcribed as though they were entirely capitalized"

    This seems to limit the double cap situation to those situations where the text is in non-regular type, and in fact there are no examples showing a labeled statement in regular type. Of course the "Intro to Braille Mathematics" doesn't add any clarification, as it doesn't go beyond what is in the code.

    I remembered what my teacher taught me back in the 60s, and it agrees with everything you answered, but I think someone should revisit the code.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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