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    Mary Mosley

    Question #1

    UEB: When letter modifiers are used in a pronunciation key in a volume should those modifiers also be listed on the symbols page? Section 21.8 in Braille Formats indicates they would not be, but with UEB and the "mention" indicator as well as these symbols being new to people switching to UEB I wondered if they should appear elsewhere with the mention indicator for identification purposes.

    Question #2

    UEB: Proofreading Marks--Braille Formats Section 18. Two part question:

    18.6.2e. Each proofreader’s mark in the text is assigned a numeric key, e.g.,
    [77#a]. ...

    Should these numeric symbols still be used or should one use the transcriber defined symbols found in 3.26 in UEB?

    18.6.2d. When proofreading marks pertain to more than one word, place the keyed mark before the first word, and a spaced termination indicator [,'] (6, 3) after the final word. ...

    When this situation occurs what should be used for the termination symbol as this is now used to terminate capitalization?

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