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    Chris Clemens

    On the music, it prints : Menuet 1re , (re is printed as superscript).
    I did number sign (dot 3-4-5-6) 1 (dot 1) letter sign (dot 5-6) r (dot 1-2-3-5) e (dot 1-5).
    I was also suggested that I could replace the letter sign dots 5-6 by dot 4. Which way is better?

    Thank you.

    Chris Clemens

    If the marking is in a title and therefore is in contracted braille, you should use the letter sign. The only guidance I find in EBAE is "Rule VII. 29. Exception." The second paragraph refers to ordinal numbers with foreign endings, and is, of course, about contracted braille.

    If it is in a musical heading or instruction and therefore uncontracted, I don't think you need the letter sign since "r" cannot be misread as a numeral. If it were uncontracted and the first letter after the numeral were one that could be a numeral I'd use the letter sign.

    I don't see any reference to using dot 4.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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