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    x-coordinate of M = 9/2

    Do you braille it as you would if it were "M =" and omit the letter sign

    ;x-coordinate of ,m .k 9/2 or

    as you would if it were "x-coordinate of M" =

    ;x-coordinate of ;,m .k 9/2


    x-coordinate of M = 9/2
    should be transcribed as follows:

    [simbraille];x-coord9ate ( ,m .k #9_/2[/simbraille]

    Because the M is next to the sign of comparison, it should not have a letter indicator. See §55.a in the Nemeth Codebook.


    Nemeth: (no UEB)

    Question - if you had:

    1. Subtract ab from both sides.  Would you  have ab with a letter indicator in front of the a?
    2. How can you isolate w?  Would the w have a letter sign or no?
    3.  You can rewrite the right side as two terms, c = xaaba,.... etc.  Is there a letter sign in front of the c or no?

    I know this is probably a basic question but I just want solid clarification on it.  I think I find an answer but then I'm not sure.  Thank you!


    Consider the equation  mn = 4p.  Do not use letter indicator on the m because it is attached to -n and it's next to the equal sign, correct?  🙂   thanks again.


    Thank you for checking in 🙂

    If you're transcribing in Nemeth Code (with EBAE), no UEB:

    1. "Subtract ab from both sides."  An English Letter Indicator should precede the short-form letter combination ab
    2. "How can you isolate w?" An English Letter Indicator should precede the single letter w (and a punctuation indicator should precede the question mark that follows this variable).
    3.  "You can rewrite the right side as two terms, xaaba,…. etc."  An English Letter Indicator should not precede the c because it is immediately followed by a symbol of comparison.
    4. "Consider the equation  m−n = 4p" An English Letter Indicator should not precede the m because it is part of the unspaced mathematical expression m−n

    Sections 25 and 26 of the Nemeth Code are super relevant to your questions. They can be a little "wordy," but they cover some important Nemeth/EBAE overlap.

    Again, thank you for checking in. And thank you for your questions.



    Awesome - I think I only forgot the punctuation mark before the period - so I was close!  Thank you again!

    I have the yellow "An Introduction to Braille Mathematics" and it's wording can be a bit confusing.

    Nemeth Code for Mathematics & Science Notation, 1972 Revision.

    Is this the manual you are referring too?  I probably need to print it as I prefer searching and making notes in actual print form - not e-form.


    The book whose sections I referenced is the Nemeth Code itself, also known as “the green book.” More information about it (and other code books & resources) is here (that is a link) and on BANA’s website.

    Nicely done! –Kyle


    Thanks -  I did order that book last week - I thought I had it but it may have been at the school I last worked at!  Thank you!  You are very helpful!  🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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