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    I have line numbered text in lines of dialogue within a Spanish play that contains gloss notes. My question concerns the line numbered dialogue. The dialogue belongs in 1/3 margins. Looking at Formats 15.5.2 and Sample 15-6 the dialogue is formatted in 1/5, 3/5 due to new lines of text that begin with capital letters. However, in my example, new lines of line numbered text are simply continuing text from the previous line.

    I may be missing something here, but I do not see an example dealing with this. In this situation, can I use three blank spaces to indicate the blank line as prose does? This is verse though.

    In dialogue, I've numbered only the line numbers shown in print per Formats 15.5.1b. How will new lines be distinguished?

    By looking at print lines 15 through 20 in the braille, you can see the problem.


    Thanks for you help on this!


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    I don't believe this IS verse line-numbered material. It's more like a play...consider it prose. And yes, then you would insert three blank spaces at the beginning of a braille line...and number every line (as it is prose). The first bit is the introductory paragraph, then your dialog would be 1-3. The italicized  parts that start with Marta appear to be stage directions to me (blocked in 7).



    Thanks Cindi.

    Not sure why I said verse. I meant dialogue.

    I did treat the  text the way you mentioned except for the dialogue. I thought that was to be treated differently. This definitely makes the most sense to me though.





Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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