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    Hi, I am transcribing a play with line-numbered text. I want to check that I am doing things correctly, please see attached sample.

    1. Gloss notes and stage direction in between line-numbered text can take the full width of the page and not be constrained to the right margin of the line-numbered text, correct?
    2. Gloss notes must be inserted right after the line where the referenced text appears, correct? Originally, I was inserting gloss text below the entire line of dialogue because I did not want to interrupt the 1-3 format with a hard line break, then enter 7-5 format, and then revert to a 3-3 format to finish up the dialogue (technically, if I have to edit or correct something in the dialogue, it could throw off where the line breaks, and I'd have to manually fix the placement of the gloss note).  However, the examples I viewed always place the gloss notes in the line immediately after the referenced text. I hope this makes sense.

    Thank you for any feedback!


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    1. Reference notes use the entire width of the braille page - and are placed at the end of the print page following a note separation indicator (see BF 16.5). Stage directions are blocked in cell 7.
    2. In this case, these are footnotes and should be at the end of the print page.  The only notes that follow on the next lines are gloss notes in foreign language materials (materials that are mostly in the foreign language). The material you are transcribing is an English text using some foreign language words...these should still be treated as reference notes.

    Hope this helps!




    Yes, very helpful, thank you for clarifying!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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