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    We are currently doing some leisure reading books for a local library in textbook format utilizing the new rules. A couple of questions concerning the last pages in the book. The pages are not numbered and 1) consist of a page with a biography of the author and 2) a number of pages with advertisements containing short synopses of other works by the author.
    Concerning 1) is it brailled where it occurs in the book according to rule 1.10.6? If not what rule do you suggest?
    Concerning 2) is it omitted according to 2.8.1c even though it is not jacket material but is advertising. We could find no where else on how to handle advertising material and its inclusion or exclusion.
    Thank you
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    Not having seen the actual print, but going on what you describe, it sounds just like 2.8.1c--advertising and blurbs and it should be omitted. If this had been another type of material that clearly should be included and simply does not carry print page numbering, then 1.10.6, unnumbered pages would apply. You can simply omit this material.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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