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    Chris Clemens

    I have a student who is about to start his manuscript. In doing so he has raised a good question. He has a book that displays the ISBN number only on the back cover. It also is absent the "ISBN" designation in front of the numbers. I looked the book up on line and have determined that the number given is in fact the ISBN number. So when placing this number on the title page is it acceptable to also add the "ISBN" designation in front of the number even though it is not found in print? Should the location of the number be described in the letter to the grader since it is not located near the copyright and publisher information?
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    Chris Clemens

    Hi Lennie,

    The ISBN is often found in different locations. The location of where it is found is not relevant. The Instruction Manual, Fifth Edition 2009, tells us to use the ISBN, the SBN (Standard Book Number), or the ISSN (International Standard Serial Number), is placed on the line immediately following the copyright and reproduction notices preceded by the words Transcription of. Follow print punctuation.
    When submitting the manuscript for certification, just photocopy the information from the back cover.

    Hope this is helpful.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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