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    Janice Taylor

    The word "was" at the beginning of a sentence that is preceded with quotation marks. ex "Was that your husband?"  When I read 10.5.1 it says When a capitals indicator or a capitals terminator is present, it is disregarded in determining whether to use the lower wordsign.  Does this mean I use the lower word sign when a capital indicator is between the quotation indicator and the word affected by the capital indicator.  I was not using the lower sign but my translator program showed it as an error until changed it to the lower sign.  Same sort of question on the word "enough".  ex Enough, in fact that I began to pray.  Because of the punctuation I was not going to use the lower sign, but the translator program has me looking for the rule that says I should.


    Look at the top of page 114 of the UEB codebook (10.5.1).  There are examples of "Was and 'His that both are uncontracted because of the punctuation.  The capital sign does not make a difference in whether or not a contraction is used.  In this case, the rule says that lower signs can't be used next to punctuation.


    Janice Taylor

    Thank you for confirming my understanding of the rule.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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