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    I am transcribing a 4th grade ELA book similar to one posted earlier for a 2nd grader. I have some issues here because I have to combine both marginal labels and proofreading marks in the same place(s).

    I am befuddled because marginal labels precede the word(s) they apply to and proofreading marks come after the word(s) they apply to. What do I do when both apply to the same word(s) and/or phrases within a passage. See below:

    I am ignoring the yellow highlighting in favor of a TN on the TN Page identifying yellow highlighting as being used to identify inserted text which is identified by grouping symbols in braille.

    How do I show marginal labels and proofreading marks where a period at the end of a sentence is omitted, the word at the end of the sentence is "taken out" and an alternate word is put in? It seems that too much is happening here and the braille would be more confusing than is reasonable. What do you think?


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    After asking a couple of people, we suggest you do an "original" and "revised" version of the excerpt for the proofreading marks and then use the BF guidelines for marginal labels for the labels - and put those on the revised version.  A transcriber's note would be required to let the reader know what you are doing.



    Thank you for the feedback on this. I am excited that after sleeping on it, I thought that this would be a good idea, and to have you and the others agree with that is awesome.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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