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    Debbie Haberkorn

    Has anyone else had issues using MegaDots version 2.5 on the Windows 7 operating system? Our problem is that the program will not utilize the full screen for transcription, and it makes the cells look "squished" together. The embossed product comes out okay, but the screen issue is very problematic. Duxbbury was unable to help resolve the issue.

    Chris Clemens

    My two colleagues have the same problem. The "solution" has been to keep them on Windows XP. Since the rest of us have Windows 7, that creates compatibility issues, so they have separate laptops for accessing other documents and sites. Our IT specialist says he may have a work-around, but it would involve deep alterations in the bowels of the computer. Sorry to give you basically a non-answer, but at least you know the problem does not rest solely with you.

    Julie Sumwalt

    Julie, Thank you for the response. So far that has been our solution, too. If we manage to resolve the issue I will be sure to post it here so it may be of benefit to others.

    Debbie Haberkorn

    I am using Megadots 2.5 on a Windows 7 (32-bit) Machine in XP-mode. We could not get it to work in 64-bit mode. Big dots will not work in window mode, but small dots works fine. Be aware that you can change the shape of the Megadots window by right-clicking the title bar, choosing Properties, Font, 28. 28 works for me, but different fonts and sizes result in different shaped windows. Your mileage may vary.
    My suggestion: Learn to read Braille in ASCII or
    Use Megadots only for initial translation, then export to .BRF for use in Duxbury, or Braille 2000.
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    Fred Van Ackeren


    Though I don't use MD much anymore it has been my experience that though you can change the window size, the text (braille dots) will remain the same and will not fill the window from side to side. This was the reply I got from their support team about 8 years ago.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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