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    I am working on a book (not a trial manuscript) with text message conversations. One of the messages is simply three question marks. ??? If this were connected to a word, I would simply follow print with three question marks, but since it's freestanding, I'm wondering if they should be treated differently. Would I use the print symbol indicator before each question mark, or perhaps use an embedded TN?



    I agree with using the dot 4 print symbol indicator with these questions marks. See Formats Section 18.3.3 to start. Precede each question mark with a dot 4 and follow print. If there is no space in print, they should be unspaced in braille. I'm not sure that the TN given there is a good fit for this situation. I prefer your idea of the embedded TN. Take a look at Formats Section 3.2.3 and the sample that follows. You might do something like ??? TNfreestanding question marksTN [braille]@8@8@8 ,'free/&+ "q m>ks,'


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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