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    We have an interesting question concerning the title page information, One of our transcribers has a textbook where print has each section identified by a letter number combination. For example S1, C1, D1 etc. The volumes cross over these sections, in one of his volumes it runs from S14-cS50, C1-bC44, and D1-D12.
    Should the title page reflect these pages as shown above or should it be shown as Print pages S14-D12? I chose to have him include the full page numbering but could cite no formats rule to back it up. We would appreciate some input on this matter for future reference.Thank you.


    Actually there is a guidelines for this. It just doesn't describe this exact situation. Take a look at Formats 2.3.8d Print Page Information. See (3) and Examples 2-11 and 2-11. The print page numbers are divided by groups in the order printed--they just didn't list YOUR groups. But the principle applies here and I agree with your choice to list the full page numbering with the groups separated with commas as you show.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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