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    Shelley Mack

    Passing on a question:

    Dear Music Expert,

    1) Table of Contents in Music

    If the client sends a few pieces of music, say two or more pieces, from different unrelated books or from different chapters in the same book, without a table of contents, and wants them in a single volume, are we supposed to make a table of contents? I ask this because in the NBA Bulletin Spring 2019, under the title DO-RE-MI – Preparing to Transcribe Choral Music, Step by Step, Kathleen Cantrell, the Committee Chair wrote: If a client sends me a few pieces at a time, I usually go ahead and organize them into a single volume with the full gamut of preliminary pages and <u>table of contents</u>. That’s what got me going because I thought we are not supposed to make a table of contents if it was not in print, according to the BF 2.10.2 General Provisions a. Include the table of contents when it is in print. However, making a table of contents, I think, would help the blind reader to track where pieces are located, especially in a big volume.


    2) Title page

    If the client sends a few pieces of music, say two or more, by different composers and arrangers from different unrelated books and wants them in a single volume, what would you put on the title page for the title, composer, arranger? Here is a sample of the title page we made for a local school. It had five pieces with different composers and arrangers from different books. This is because, other than the title pages based on exercise material in the Degarmo, there are no title page examples based on real transcription anywhere…maybe in the next bulletins?






    For Orchestra


    Violin II


    Further reproduction or distribution in

    other than a specialized format is prohibited.


    Transcribed in Music Braille 2019

    By Cosmas Tembo and proofread by Martin Kuemerle

    OPI/Grafton Braille Service Center

    Grafton, OH


    Method: Single-line and Bar-Over-Bar


    In 1 Volume

    Braille pages t1-t3 and 1-15


    I stand by my suggestion to create tables of contents for volumes you put together for a specific student which are comprised of various pieces. Imagine how long it would take the student to find the correct pieces for study and rehearsal without that reference. I think we are justified in taking a small liberty from the Formats Guidelines if it would be of great assistance to the musician.

    I think your proposed title page looks perfect. Your table of contents would then include all titles and composers (and arrangers if applicable). Specific copyright info can then follow each separate piece.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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