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    Susan Baker

    I have a table which hopefully has attached. It has 21 columns and 30 rows, and consists of multiplication facts. All the even numbers are shaded in print, and I have decided to enclose them in parentheses to show this distinction. Because of this, I can only fit 5 or 6 columns on each braille page and 20 rows. I am going to type out my TN I have put on the first page, and wondered if you could take a look at this to see if it makes sense or if there is a better way to do this. My concern is the amount of division of columns and rows and the sequence of this.

    (TN)The table is read across a series of facing pages.
    It is divided so that the first facing pages have facts from 1-10 across and 1-20 down.
    The second set of facing pages show facts 1-10 across and 21-30 down.
    The third set of facing pages show facts 11-20 across and 1-20 down.
    The fourth set of facing pages show facts 11-20 across and 21-30 down.
    Shaded numbers are in parentheses in braille.

    Then, the facing pages of the braille in the wide table across two facing pages start, similar to as shown in the sample in the braille formats pages 11-48 and 11-49. Thank you for any suggestions!

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    Susan Baker

    Susan, I do not think the shading in the print table is significant--I believe it is only for visual tracking purposes. Even-numbered rows are also in italics. I would ignore that as well--it is another visual tracking print device.

    NIs are used in the column and row heading numerals but not in the table entries, and with one blank cell between columns, you can fit all 20 columns across two facing braille pages. Your TN can now simply be the first line only. "The table is read across a series of facing pages."


    Lindy Walton

    Thank you, Lindy!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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